Mojo Salmon Treats

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Mojo Pet Supplements are veterinary science-formulated with pure full-spectrum hemp (Cannabis Sativa) oil extract and pure hemp (Cannabis Sativa) protein Authorized by Health Canada VHP/NN and SQF Certified Manufactured, they are manufactured into chewable tablets using human-grade meats. These tablets look, smell and taste like treats, but are not treats. They help support and improve mobility, reduce inflammation, calming and overall health and wellness for dogs and cats. With proper measurements and high-quality ingredients, patients and owners can trust Mojo to maintain, development and help support their pet’s skin and coat, muscle and cardiovascular health, immune system, and digestion for a long, healthy life.

INDICATIONS: Mojo Pet Supplements are a safe, low-dose drug for dogs and cats of all ages, providing medicinal and nutritional benefits. Given daily before or after meals or before bedtime.  It is important to note that Mojo has no known side effects or risk of overdosing. The packaging contains detailed information on dosing, active and inactive ingredients, and usage instructions for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. To ensure safe and effective use, it is important to read and follow the label and use instructions carefully back of product bag.


Manufactured with 5 (five) human-grade proteins for those fussy dogs or cats and made for rotational dosing for an improved nutritional panel;

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