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Our clean, bright and professionally operated shop ensures your pets comfort and safety at all times. With many years of grooming experience, we specialize in gentle handling and quality grooms. We provide special care for dogs with anxiety issues, elderly animals and provide service for all breeds regardless or size or age.

Our hours vary based on appointment(s), we are open Monday – Saturday and closed most statutory holidays. See below for services and prices* (*subject to style, condition, and services wanted or needed for your dog)


(587) 273-4663

Full Grooming

Our services include anything from brush outs, bathing, full cuts and shaving for all breeds, ages and sizes.

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All Are Welcome

We carry the know-how to groom all breeds and all sizes, from small to giant, puppy to senior, your dog is in great hands at Tall Tails Grooming

Quick Services

Our quick services include options such as nail trims, face trims, nail grinding and more.

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Full Grooming Services

See below for our pricing on our grooming services. Please note that these prices are subject to change based on requirements. Please call ahead or stop in to book an appointment for these services.

Bath & Brush
$30 - $75+

Small (1-15lb) $30 - $35 | Medium (16 - 30lb) $35 - $40 | Large (30 - 70lb) $50 - $60+ | Extra Large (70lb+) $62 - $75+

Bath & Tidy
$42 - $85+

Includes face, feet & sanitary trimming.
Small (1-15lb) $42+ | Medium (16 - 30lb) $50+ | Large (30 - 70lb) $67+ | Extra Large (70lb+) $85+

Kennel Cut
$57 - $95+

Small (1-15lb) $57+ | Medium (16 - 30lb) $67+ | Large (30 - 70lb) $82+ | Extra Large (70lb+) $95+

Scissor Cut
$67 - $140

Small (1-15lb) $67+ | Medium (16 - 30lb) $77+ | Large (30 - 70lb) $92+ | Extra Large (70lb+) $115 - $140

Deshedding Treatment
$5 - $25

A deshed treatment can help keep your house from being overrun by drifts of hair in every nook and cranny. An additional cost to services above for $5 - $25 depending on size and coat type.

Quick Services

All quick services are available during our opening times, no appointment is necessary. $10 for each below, plus add any additional service to the same dog for an extra $5 (max of 3 services).

Nail Trims

Nail trims are a necessary service to ensure your dog can run, play and jump in a safe manner. Add $5 for nail filing to make them softer after a cut.

Ear Cleaning

Certain breeds may develop dirtier ears or infections (droopy ear breeds), a monthly ear cleaning can ensure to remove excess dirt and help prevent ear infections from occuring.

Face Trim

Cleans up the face from growing or pesky hair(s).

Feet Trim

Helps to prevent debris being picked up and beneficial in winter seasons to help against snowballing or ice packs on the paws.

Bum Trim

Trims the area of the bum to keep things sanitary

Anal Glands

Certain breeds have more anal gland issues, expressing these glands helps relieve pressure making your dog more comfortable and prevents scooting keeping your house sanitary.

Our 'Furry' Clientelle

We strive to give the perfect groom for your pet, for all breeds, sizes and ages. To view more photos or to see promotions please follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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