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Size: 1.8 kg

A Polynesian-inspired grain-free entrée with pork, peas, pork broth, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables


Very digestible and highly palatable source of protein that provides an excellent source of essential amino acids and nutrients.


High Quality Pork


Excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber that can help support digestion, the immune system, and metabolic function.


Nutrient-Rich Fruits & Vegetables


Probiotics can help support intestinal health by regulating and balancing gut microbiota, supporting immune system function, and enhancing nutrient metabolism.


Added Probiotics for Digestive Regularity


Wholesome and delicious food that is carefully crafted for dogs of all breeds and ages, from Great Danes to Chihuahuas, puppies to seniors, and every breed and stage in-between.

Suitable for All Dog Breeds & Ages
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Size: 1.8 kg